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Let the swiftboating begin? Oct. 4th, 2008 @ 08:42 pm
Is Obama officially being swiftboated?  The same dirty underhanded tactics that they tried on Kerry are being tried here, and there was obviously a lot of that during the primaries with Hillary Clinton, but the McCain camp hadn't flamed it.  Now they are down in the polls quite a bit, and it seems like a desperate act.  But, these types of actions have gotten big results in the past, and I'm wondering if it'll gain any traction?

I think that Hillary might have done him a favor by raising this earlier, because most people have heard this type of stuff before and he has had time to overcome it.  Whereas if this was new, it could be quite damaging for him.

What America doesn't need is an Uncle Tom president Feb. 12th, 2008 @ 07:22 pm
This is a provocative article from a professor of history at my university. I am particularly interested in the opinions of African Americans (who have overwhelmingly supported Obama to date) on their opinions on this piece and the issues it raises. 

Obama Feb. 11th, 2008 @ 05:39 pm
So Obama has some momentum and it looks like he may pull out the nomination of he keeps going.  I'm really scared about this, especially as he'll be a stark contrast to the aging McCain.  Hope sounds good in theory, but all he is bringing to the table is bigger government and more bureaucracy.   If Hillary wins, I think McCain has the election in the bag.....

Mar. 27th, 2006 @ 02:29 pm

The government has passed a bill and called it law.....without approval from the House.

Apparently, President + Senate = Law.

Ah, what people believe Mar. 26th, 2006 @ 10:36 pm
I am in a pretty good mood right now, as humanity has re-affirmed its stupidity. I now know, that even though I am probably of average intellect, I too can say whatever I feel like and no matter how absurd it is, people will believe it.

For debate: Is there anything people wouldn't believe, if you say it the right way?

My Stance: Nope, and check this for the proof (Removed as per author's request).
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» Ah, life was much worse in the civil war, then it is now

Well, just to state the bleeding obvious: life was much harder during the Civil War, WW1 and WW2. Unless of course you are a 20 year old liberal arts major at a private college.....

"Kristina Hicks, 20, a Siena junior, said that while its true most of todays Americans have not had to sacrifice like previous generations did, she disagrees with the polls findings.

I definitely think today is one of most trying times, she said. When I read about things like 9/11 and the war in Iraq in textbooks, it doesnt actually portray the whole picture of what happened."

Here's a good comment about that:

"Kristina needs to spend a little time in a WWI trench while a rat eats your buddy and the huns lob mustard gas on your head. Maybe she needs to move West and start over farming a locust and dust ridden plain."
» (No Subject)
Here is a transcription of Owens' remarks from his weekly radio show.

Interviewer: "T.O. You are in the media again. It's mushroomed a little bit. How are you doing today?"

Terrell Owens: "I'm doing good guys. First off, I want to ask you, could you guys just refer to me as Javier during this interview?"

I: "Javier?"

TO: "Yeah, Javier."

I: "Okay, is that your nickname, like Kobe [Bryant] wants a nickname? He wants to be known as mambo, the snake that strikes quickly. Javier."

TO: "Yeah, I've been submitted to the Witness Protection Program today."

I: "You're in hiding, and so you're Javier. What's your last name?" TO: "I don't have a last name, just Javier."

I: "Alright, just Javier. He's in witness protection. So, you apologized. I'm not even sure what you're apologizing for. Well we'll let him talk about it. You are apologizing for what today T.O?"

TO: "Honestly guys, I would say of all the interviews that I've done, this is probably one that I regret. And that's not to be spread at Graham [Bensinger], who did the interview. Number one, I guess I would say because of the timing of it. Then through all of those things, we're 4-3 and really that's not a reason for us to go into panic.

"Two, is because I just essentially agreed with the comments of Michael Irvin. And three, is because all I did was express my feelings to a question about my 100 TDs, which was a milestone set by only 5 other receivers in NFL history, which was brought to my attention. It was brought to my attention by people who submitted emails to my website about the situation. And even my publicist [Kim Etheridge], she recognized that it wasn't acknowledged.

"So, other than that I didn't even care about the 100 TDs, but it was brought to my attention and all I did was basically answer the question."

I: "Is it fair to say, T.O., that you simply can't help yourself when it comes to honesty? That if somebody asks you a question, you don't care how it sounds. You're going to tell people 100 % of the time what you think.

TO: "Basically it was just a simple question and I gave a simple answer. That's it. This is one that I really regret and I realize that I offended some of my teammates because the comments that were shown on ESPN, that wasn't the whole interview in its' entirety.

"Because I went on to say, before I agreed with the comment of Michael Irvin about Brett Favre, I said earlier that if Donovan wasn't hurt our record would probably be better. But nobody has the knowledge that I said that. Everybody is going by what ESPN is showing on TV. So that's why I feel like I probably regret it because of the timing of it, but I don't feel bad because I know what I said and that's not what the media is showing."

I: "An interesting admission by you though because the first time we had you on the show after all the stuff that happened this offseason, you didn't regret anything you said. You're not usually someone who regrets very much of what he does."

TO: "It's sad because I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong and if I've done something wrong. But in this situation here I just feel like it's unfair. The media is taking shots at me for no apparent reason. All I did, honestly, was I answered the question that Graham directed at me, and it was just a mere agreement.

"All the other stuff, they're trying to pit me and Donovan against each other. And I said the same thing earlier in the interview, but nobody had shown it and nobody had said anything about it. The interview will be shown in its entirety I guess next week some time on ESPN.com. But like I said, I already said if Donovan wasn't hurt our record would be better."

I: "T.O, have you spoken to Donovan since you made the comment?"

TO: "No, I haven't. No, I haven't."

I: "Do you feel like you have to or should?"

TO: "They're trying to get me to apologize to him, but my thing is look, this was taken out of context. And I feel like the same transcript that I got this morning, that I read to Brian Dawkins when he came to me with the issue, you can read the same thing. Because I basically said the same thing a few seconds before I even answered the question about Michael Irvin's comment."

I: "What was the meeting like with Brian Dawkins? Was he bringing you the comment because the team was upset about it?"

TO: "Yeah, I think he was really upset about it too. Once he brought it to me, obviously he had seen the interview on TV this morning, so he was upset about it. And then once I showed him the transcript that was given to me, I said, Dawk look. I said the same thing up here. I said if Donovan wasn't hurt our record would be better.' And then he came, he was a bigger man and he apologized for that.

"But at the same time we discussed it and he was like I've got to realize that the media is going to take it and twist it and turn it how they want it to. So that's why, like I said, of all things I regret this interview, but I don't feel bad about giving my honest opinion about something, about a comment that I didn't even bring up."

I: "You respect Brian Dawkins, don't you?"

TO: "I do."

I: "And you appreciate the fact that if he's upset with you, he will come to you and get in your face about it if that's the case."

TO: "We were both men about it. I don't have a problem with him confronting me or we talking about it. I don't."

I: "Was it angry?"

TO: "I think it was more a conversation. Where is this coming from? What happened? He didn't know the entirety of the interview. He just saw what he saw on TV."

I: "We're with T.O here&"

TO: "Javier, Javier."

I: "Javier, excuse me. Javier, no last name. He's in witness protection because he regrets what happened or the timing of what happened and a variety of things that happened with this interview. You've got to stick to this radio show T.O. is what it is. If you go on other outlets you get in all sorts of trouble."

TO: "You're exactly right. I just got to stick to my guns. The only reason that I did that interview with the guy, the kid, Graham Bensinger, is because here is a guy that I met while I was in San Francisco, earlier. He was in school and we talked. We began a phone relationship and he's interviewed me before when I was out there. And so, I just felt compelled to grant him the interview. I felt it was harmless.

"I just felt like what I said was harmless, but the media I feel is taking shots. They're taking bits and pieces of the whole interview out of context. They're just trying to make me out to be the bad guy. I don't have a problem with it. I just take it and go with it."

I: "What has Andy Reid said to you Javier?"

TO: "Basically he wanted me to issue an apology at the press conference and I had no problem with that. And that's what I did. Other than that, I felt like I did what I had to do. If I didn't really feel like I had to apologize, than I wouldn't have done it. But, I believe the apology was mainly [done] because he felt like I lashed out against the organization regarding the 100th TD thing.

"But on top of that, I went on to mention, okay, well if he's upset about that, what about this summer when Joe Banner went on the air, and he's on record, listen, he called me and Drew [Rosenhaus] an idiot. So what's the difference?"

I: "Good point. T.O, there are rumors swirling that you might get suspended. Do you expect to be suspended?"

TO: "Hey, if I am, I am. That'd be a discredit to the team and obviously it will hurt the team. But, if I am it would be a sad situation. Those guys will do the best they can to try and win the game and I'll be behind those guys 100 %."

I: "Have you gotten any indication that that might happen, other than the rumors?"

TO: "No. As of right now nothing's happened. Unless anything transpires from now until tomorrow morning once I get to the facility."

I: "Is this the first time since you've been with the Eagles where a teammate has come to you and objected to something you've said or done. I know Hugh Douglas went on the airwaves and said some things, but is this the first time that that's happened there?"

TO: "Yeah, I think so. He had every reason to. Just driving to practice this morning, I didn't know what was going on, but once I got there I kind of sensed that something was going on. I went in for treatment and Rick [Burkholder] told me something about what was said on the news because I didn't see it. I didn't see the interview last night. And once I got into the treatment room, Dawkins and I, he pulled me to the side and we talked it out."

I: "What would you say that you regret the most, TO? Is it the fact that you didn't know that the Philadelphia Eagles do not do individual things to celebrate achievements? What would be the thing that you regret most?"

TO: "I would say the timing of the interview, and just probably the misconception that everybody is getting from the interview because of how the media is portraying it."
WASHINGTON, after being blown out worse than the Eagles are 1.5 point favorites...............

» Welcome to 1945!
Pittsburgh Steelers ran the ball 41 times and passed it 11 times...

As long as Andy Reid is the coach, even if I was his quaterback, I bet we would still throw more than 11 times. Reid is a better coach than Cowher, but its still intresting how different the philosophy is.
» Awesome

Check this link out.

You can hear Cheney giving interview while a protestor behind him is yelling 'Go Fuck yourself'.
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